COVID-19 has impacted the way we work and connect with others, increasing the need for cybersecurity awareness. For information and resources to keep you and your network safe from cyber risks, click here.

Welcome to CyberHawaii!

An affiliate of CyberUSA

We’re committed to a whole community approach that will help to:

  • Mitigate cyber risks
  • Develop educational and workforce pathways for students
  • Invest in innovation and economic development for a cyber secure and resilient Hawaii.

Our Next Event

Cyber Ready Hawaii

CyberHawaii is currently recruiting both cyber leader candidates and small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations that are existing federal contractors or those interested in doing business with the federal government and require additional training and assistance to be cyber ready.

Job Board

Hui o Hawaii – Hawaii is Home

Join a network of companies, recruiting to fill defense economy positions, and individuals, seeking those opportunities.

Hawaii’s Future is Cyber Secure

Cyber security is one of our nation’s most significant concerns.  The U.S. Department of Defense’s establishment of Cyber as a war-fighting combatant command is a telling statement about our nation’s need to play both offense and defense in the protection of our national security.

Cyber risks affect all aspects of our lives from utilities (power & water), telecommunications, fuel, health care, transportation and financial services. Cyber-attacks can cripple state and county governments, as well as Hawaii’s main industries – tourism, defense and construction.

Hawaii is becoming a growing force in cybersecurity startups and leadership. The strong military presence in the state of Hawaii has been a driving factor for the cybersecurity public and private sector. With support from the University of Hawaii and the Future Focus conference, this CyberHawaii annual event bring top cybersecurity leaders and attendees together to create a future for cyber security.