Cyber Leadership Program from the Cyber Readiness Institute

To be able to stay abreast of the most current cybersecurity threats cybersecurity leadership is essential for companies of all sizes.  Leadership can come from a dedicated person, such as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or from another leader in the company who has information security as one of his or her job responsibilities.  The best cybersecurity leaders have an understanding of their business, an understanding of technology and an understanding of security practices.  Being knowledgeable in these three domains allows a person to be an effective advocate for assessing security risk and prioritizing it alongside other business objectives.

Learning how to be a cybersecurity leader can take a formal education in information technology and years of practice as a security professional.  This is a typical background for professionals working in large organizations.  For those working in smaller companies, however, this path may not be necessary, or practical.  A person who has a demonstrated grounding in specific technologies through accredited certifications (such as CompTIA A+) and a certification in Cybersecurity Leadership can be a valuable asset in a smaller organization where staffing is limited and the delivery of business services needs to be balanced with managing security risk.

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