What to do if you suspect your data or network has been compromised

Physically disconnect devices from your network / internet that you suspect has been compromised:

  • Disconnect any network cables, if your device is connected by wire (cat 5, cat 6, etc.)
  • Disable Wi-Fi connection
  • Not necessary to power down device once it’s disconnected from network / internet

Start documenting what happened:

  • Write down the 5 W’s: “What, Where, When, Who, Why”, plus “How”
  • Screen shots of problem screens
  • Pictures

Assess / research what impacts have occurred to your business:

  • Were financial assets lost?
  • Are data files missing?
  • What type of losses has your business incurred?

Contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI )for assistance and guidance:

FBI, Hawaii Office
Cyber Group
91-1300 Enterprise Street
Kapolei, HI 96707
(808) 566-4300

REMINDERBack Up of Data Files

  • Ensure you maintain back-ups of your data files
  • These backups should not be on any device that is connected to a (any) network / internet
  • Keep current copies of these back-ups
  • Number and frequency of these backups should be a part of your normal business operation