The COVID-19 pandemic required us to protect ourselves physically and virtually. When millions of employees transitioned to remote work environments, there was a greater need for cybersecurity awareness. On this page you will find webinars, posters and information you need to know to protect you and your networks from cyber risks as a result of the pandemic.


Cyber Readiness for the Hybrid Remote-Office Workplace

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. As people go back and forth from home to the office, our cyber readiness habits must span across many locations and through multiple devices. Now is the time to establish sustainable cyber readiness habits for the hybrid workplace. In this webinar, our expert panel discuss an overview of how to build a cyber ready culture in the hybrid workplace through Creating Good Cyber Ready Habits–One Person at a Time, Implementing Practical Policies that People will Follow and Demystifying the Technology.
Panel members include:
  • Maverick Fernandes, director, information security office, Kamehameha Schools
  • Tim Minick, director – information technology, Pacific Guardian Life
  • Craig Moss, director of content, Cyber Readiness Institute

Cyber Readiness Institute and CyberHawaii

Securing a Remote Workforce

Insight into the unique cyber security challenges of working remotely and practical steps anyone can take to create a safer remote working environment. CyberHawaii members and CRI experts led the live webinar:
  • Jennifer Sabas, Director, CyberHawaii
  • Craig Moss, Director – Content and Tools, Cyber Readiness Institute
  • Ryan Field, Chief Information Security Officer, American Savings Bank
  • Jodi Ito, Chief Information Security Officer, University of Hawaii