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Fortify Cybersecurity Education series

Password Management & MFA Webinar

Password management is a fundamental control in a strong cyber security framework and can be effectively implemented by businesses of all sizes. Many who operate small or large businesses may not give passwords much attention and mistakenly assume using a password that is easy to remember will make their lives easier when they have so many other responsibilities. However, a simple password is easier for cyber terrorists to crack, while a longer, more complicated password that uses a combination of letters, numbers and symbols takes longer and can be the first line of defense against a cyber-attack. This is just the beginning what is necessary for basic password security.

Conversely, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) may seem like a new technology that is out of the reach of most businesses as a security tool. Given the variety and frequency of cyber threats working to compromise online accounts, MFA is no longer a luxury. It provides an additional line of defense that can be implemented in businesses of all sizes. And it has matured to the point that even small businesses are able to implement it.